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The Survivors displays started in 1997 to showcase original unrestored cars.  These were cars that were usually overlooked at shows because they didn't appear as nice as the restored cars present. Mopar Survivors are display only, no competition, meant to offer people a glimpse of what cars were like straight from the factory. 

Our father Mel Major had come up with the idea after becoming frustrated with having to explain why his car wasn't perfect any time he took it anywhere. Striving for 85% original body, paint, interior and driveline, the Survivor criteria for our displays was established. Expected maintenance items such as tires, some exhaust, belts, hoses are ok, as is minor accident body repair. Rust work and body panel replacement is not preferred. 

Mel's idea for the Survivor displays was to get like-minded individuals together to showcase their cars and have a good time. We are always looking for new vehicles for the displays which MoParty is a fairly new addition. 

Anyone wanting information on Mopar Survivor Displays or interest in participating can contact Gregg Major at 814-853-3264 call or text and via email.

Contact Gregg Major For Info

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