3S Challenge

The 3S Challenge at MoParty stands for Speed, Stop, and Steering, and participants better be proficient at all three if they hope to be competitive in this event segment. The format will be a side-by-side low speed down and back course layout that features a 180-degree turnaround, slalom, and a stop box. Each “run” will be a total of the driver’s left side course time added to their right side course time, plus any accumulated penalties.  The winner is determined by the fastest combined left side and right side run.  All runs must be clean – any contact with course markers, cones or stop box cones will result in a DNF.


3S Challenge Rules:

The 3S Challenge is a side-by-side speed, steering and stop competition. Each driver will run the left side, then the right side for a complete “run”. The fastest left side time and fastest right side time will be combined for an overall fast time. The lowest combined left side/right side time will determine the winner. Drivers must run both the left and right sides each time as directed by the starter and grid chief.

  1. Only the registered participant may drive the vehicle.
  2. Each segment of the event will be timed to 0.00.00. There is no maximum number of runs. Winners will be the vehicles with the lowest combined left side/right side time.
  3. Any cone moved out of its box or knocked down, on the course or stop box, will be assessed a DNF, all 3S runs must be clean.
  4. Race director and event organizers will have COMPLETE discretion to deny or remove from competition anyone in the event for any reason.
  5. The 3S Challenge may be run rain or shine at event organizer’s discretion.
  6. The 3S Challenge event will count toward the Holley Grand Champion award.

Click here for Grand Champion rules!

* Event organizers reserve the right to change rules and class descriptions up to event time to promote fair and safe competition.


1st: $250 cash, Moparty embroidered Jacket, free Optima battery of their choice
2nd: Optima Batteries Charger
3rd: Optima Batteries maintenance charger